Dominic Price: Helping your Managers and Teams Thrive in the Next Normal

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If you’re an Enboarder regular, you’ll know we recently kicked off our quarterly EDGE event series, seeing Experience Driven Geniuses around the globe share their insights and best practices. 

One such Genius is Dominic Price, Work Futurist at Atlassian. And yes, that is his actual job title.


When Dominic Price kicked off his presentation with an overview of Atlassian’s values, one of them being… wait for it...  don’t f**k the customer, I knew this wouldn’t be your typical HR presentation. And Dominic did NOT disappoint. During his 45-min talk, Dominic discussed what you can and can’t influence in the future of work, and shared real life resources that you can use to address team challenges and navigate important conversations during this time.

“We have to evolve how we work. If we’re not in offices, this will change our practices, and our people. And we’re doing this by starting with Atlassian first, working out how we do it, and then sharing with others. We’ve already moved into planning what our future looks like. It’s inherent in the way we constantly evolve. In the 17 years of Atlassian, we’ve never had a transformation. Because if you change a little bit everyday, you don’t have to sign up for a 3-year program to transform.”

This was the main, underlying theme of Dominic’s presentation. If you want a “better normal”, it starts with YOU. And if you’ve built a team culture where you’re constantly making changes to optimise, improve and be your best self, you’re already set for success in the future.

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Dominic outlined a “rubric” of what, who, and when you can influence the solution to a future problem:


What can you influence?

Let’s be honest, if we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t control things. But we can certainly influence them.

  • Your people - Their skills, capabilities, mindset, learning and development, their physical, mental and financial health
  • Your practices - Process, policies and how your business operates in its macroenvironment
  • Your products or technology - Don’t think of tech as the solution. It is simply an amplifier of behaviour. If you get the behaviour right, a good piece of technology will take you further.
  • Your place of work

“A fool with a tool is still a fool. You’ve just made them faster.”


Who can you influence?

  • Try it on yourself or internally in your business
  • Try it on your customers!
  • Try it on your users. For our HR audience, your “customers” might be the senior leadership team, while your “users” could be the rest of the employees in your organisation.
  • Try it on influencers
  • Try it on your ecosystem


When can it be influenced?

  • Now
  • In the future

Understanding now what we can and can’t influence, Dominic honed in on his point that positive change starts with YOU, and answering the question: “How do you be your best self everyday? And how can you change to become your best self?”.

Dominic shared some very specific examples and resources of how to do that:


The 4 Ls Retrospective


Try this exercise every quarter and ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • What did I love about me in the last 90 days?
  • What did I long for in the last 90 days? What do I wish I’d done?
  • What did I do as a leader last quarter that I don’t like? This doesn’t necessarily need to be a failure. It can be a habit or ritual that just doesn’t add or increase your value.
  • What did I learn?

The Atlassian Team Playbook

A few years ago, Atlassian published the Atlassian Team Playbook, a free collection of hundreds of resources used internally at Atlassian, to help their people work better together. It’s an incredible wealth of tools, exercises, and workshops for HR, people leaders and individuals, to improve the way we work together.


Plays - Plays are exercises and self guided workshops designed to build muscle. If you know the problem you’re suffering or the opportunity in front of you, you can jump straight into a play. Some of the most popular Atlassian Plays include:

  • Experience Canvas
  • 4Ls Retrospective
  • Change Management Kick-off
  • Clean Escalations


Health Monitor - Atlassian landed on 8 common attributes of a healthy team, and runs regular health monitor sessions to assess how “healthy” their teams are and find new ways to improve. Health monitors can be used with:

  • Project teams
  • Leadership teams
  • Service teams


Game Plans - Game plans are collections of Plays, designed to help teams navigate both everyday situations, and big organizational changes. The Game plans include:

  • Embracing Remote Work
  • Effective Team Building
  • Coordinating Change Management
  • Managing Incident Response Systems
people collaborating outside

After blowing our minds with free, tactical resources that the entire audience can use to tackle  their employee experience challenges, Dominic left us with one final thought: The biggest barrier to ANYTHING we want to change is ego. To truly collaborate, you need to park your ego at the door.

Dominic’s advice?

“Argue like you’re right, listen like you’re wrong. Present your ideas with passion, vigor, excitement… but then shut your mouth and listen. YOU are the key to unleashing the potential of yourself, your team and your organisation. Our future isn’t pre-determined, it’s not written and waiting for us. Our actions everyday build our future - so let’s build it on purpose, not by accident.”

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