Refining Employee Onboarding Automation

Welcome New Employees On Board With a “Wow!”

Create exceptional onboarding experiences and transitions that jump-start belonging and get your people excited.

Enboarder for Talent & Onboarding

Make Employees Feel Valued From Day Zero

Jump-start belonging in the new hire experience — with a flow of meaningful, memorable, and fun moments of connection.

Help Managers Become Memory-Makers

Offer ideas and inspiration to lift the burden on managers and guide them to create a consistently dazzling first impression.

Deliver Unique Onboarding at Scale

Create and adapt employee journeys based on data and feedback to deliver a truly personalized onboarding experience.

YoY decrease in 6-month leavers
– Enboarder

Increase in new hire productivity
– Enboarder

Reduction in new hire no shows
– Enboarder

Use Cases

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Candidate Experience

Surprise and delight candidates from the moment they apply through pre-boarding and beyond.

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Create consistently exceptional onboarding experiences that your new hires and managers will love.

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Parental Leave

Help new parents feel supported and connected as they experience life’s biggest moments.

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Nail your last impression with a positive farewell that reinforces your brand and future talent pool.

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Alumni Networks

Build a tight-knit community that turns goodbyes into see-you-laters.

Elevate Employee Onboarding Automation:

Introduce New Best Work Friends

Connect people with the buddies, mentors, and allies who will help them succeed in their new role.

Form Immediate Emotional Ties

Help employees feel immediately included and embedded in your culture — and less likely to churn.

Deliver Personalization at Scale

Customize experiences quickly and easily with our no-code interface and dozens of integrations.

Set New Hires Up for Success

Pre-board with helpful instructions and equipment requests to jump-start time to productivity.

Wrangle Your Hiring Managers

Provide a flow of prompts to help managers create a consistent and equitable onboarding experience.

Build a Best-in-Class Employer Brand

Include and support employees from day one and watch engagement, eNPS, and referrals soar.


Why Human Connection Matters in Onboarding

When employee onboarding automation is used to create authentic human connections it will instantly create “wow moments” that help new hires feel they belong in your company. These meaningful, positive experiences with managers and peers resonate — promoting inclusion and laying the foundation for future cooperation and success.

Employee onboarding automation will also help you to streamline and elevate crucial information during onboarding and throughout the employee lifecycle. That makes hiring, onboarding, and internal moves a lot less stressful for everyone. Employee onboarding automation based on human connection is also fantastic for your employer brand, helping to expedite the hiring process, reduce new hire attrition, and generate amazing word of mouth referrals.

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“Our company pillars are personalization, human touch, and education, and I think that’s what Enboarder helps us bring is that human element. We talk about our culture, about being a tribe, and being a collectiveness, and that’s what Enboarder helps us bring to life.”

Sarah Beardsworth,

HR Director

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