Insights That See the Humans in Your People Metrics

Measure, track, and optimize your employee experience with an employee dashboard that shows you the metrics that matter.

Finally, an Employee Dashboard That Reveals Actionable Truths

Quantify the Quality of Your People Programs

Track engagement, action, and feedback with our detailed reports and customizable employee dashboards.

Spot Patterns Before They Are Problems

Slice and dice your data and compare trends across journeys, demographics, geographies, and more.

Connect the Dots to the Bottom Line

Directly analyze your people programs’ impact on key business results such as retention.

From Data to Decision in a Few Clicks

Guide the Entire Employee Journey

Monitor employee progress visually with our Journey Tracker.

See What’s Working at a Glance

Spot what’s working… and what isn’t, with our Engagement Heatmap.

Measure Sentiment and Satisfaction

Track employee feedback and eNPS throughout the employee journey.

Identify Your Next Nudge

Find out who might need an intervention with Task Alerts.

Track Your Retention Efforts

Use employee dashboards to see how your programs are reducing attrition.

“Enboarder’s heat maps are great. If there are any dips in engagement, we can act on it quickly.”

Alice Bally-Frankenne,

Senior Director, Global HR

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