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Workbook: Build More Connection at Your Company

Uncover new ways to build connection across the employee journey.

Use this workbook to generate ideas and start a conversation about building human connections in your organization.

Are you all in on the power of human connection at work? Do you get excited about the very real impact that connection has on performance, engagement, retention? (We do too!)


If you need help getting started, this interactive workbook is for you. Use this workbook on your own or share it with your team to generate ideas and start a structured conversation about building connections within teams, across teams, and with the organization.


By the end, you will have taken an inventory of the current state of connection at your company and used the 4-quadrant model from RedThread Research to brainstorm new opportunities for building connection. And all of it will be saved in your beautiful new workbook.

In this e-book, you will learn:

Where your company scores in the three essential buckets of connection

The differences between emotional and intellectual connection

Ideas for building connection within and across teams and with the organization


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