Leverage Human Connections For Orientation & Learning

Train employees and expand skills with engaging, team-based learning experiences right in the flow of work.

Enboarder for Learning & Development

Turn Learning into a Team Sport

Tap into the power of team-based learning — connect your learners with leaders, peers, buddies, and mentors that will guide their growth.

Support a Learn-It-All Philosophy

Empower the continuous acquisition of skills and knowledge — with flexible learning journeys that fit into the natural flow of work

Teach the Way People Learn.

Help people to learn at their pace and in their context — reinforcing learning with timely prompts and encouraging nudges.

Of employees would stay longer if their company invested in their L&D
– LinkedIn Learning

Of people turn to peers when they need to learn something new
– Degreed

Of employees agree that to learn something new they need to discuss it with someone
– Enboarder

Use Cases

onboard graduates

Learning & Development

Deliver engaging learning experiences for employee training systems in the flow of work.

onboard graduates

Coaching & Feedback

Build a supportive, collaborative approach to knowledge transfer and share useful information in digestible bites.

onboard graduates


Get people excited to participate in your mentoring programs with timely resources and incentives.

Support Employee Training Systems

Provide Digestible, Bite-Sized Learning

Encourage micro and self-service learning at scale — sharing information in manageable portions.

Create Powerful Learning Friendships

Encourage camaraderie and knowledge exchange by connecting learners with peers and coaches.

Lighten the Manager Burden

Recruit employees as sharers of knowledge and lighten the stress on managers and L&D.

Increase Adoption for Learning Tools

Boost engagement by connecting workers to existing content, courses, and learning platforms.

Make Knowledge More Sticky

Illuminate clear, incremental pathways for better learning engagement and absorption in context.

Grow Trust and Psychological Safety

Link workers with buddies to help them socialize to “unwritten rules” and ways things are done.

Why Human Connection Matters in Learning & Development

When you connect your people to each other in team-based, social learning networks, you are providing a more fertile ground for knowledge sharing and skill development.

Employee training systems that embrace human connections are better at encouraging collaborative learning, increasing engagement with learning tools, and supporting micro-learning at scale. To help belonging and motivation thrive, embed connection moments across your employee training systems — you’ll build a more resilient organization as you help employees to learn and grow.

“Enboarder allows us to connect mentees to experts across the business, empowering employees to learn new skills, expand their network and accelerate their development. The workflow enhances a mentorship program through helpful tips, activities and check-is throughout the experience.”

Abdiaziz Mohamed,

Learning Program Manager Digital Enablement

Monique Choo,

Learning Program Manager Enablement and Tech

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