Revving Up New Joiner Connection and Belonging at Motorpoint

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Motorpoint is the U.K.'s largest independent retailers of nearly-new and used cars. Available to shop online or at one of its 20 stores across England, Wales, and Scotland, car buyers can browse thousands of vehicles from more than 30 manufacturers.

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Engagement rate by new hires in preboarding

1-Stop Shop

For all of managers' hiring needs

2 workflows

Launched, including onboarding and offboarding (and more to come!)

⚙️ The Challenge: Reduce Onboarding Admin While Building Connection

When you have eight different people responsible for various aspects of an employee onboarding process, communication mishaps are bound to happen – and the administrative workload can pile up.

Becky Greensmith, systems & communications partner at Motorpoint, explains that Motorpoint’s previous onboarding process was “very manual” (think color-coded spreadsheets), with lots of emails sent back and forth between HR and hiring managers: “From the hiring managers’ perspective, it was confusing knowing who is responsible for each part of the process and emails might go to the wrong person. It was a lot of chasing.”

The Motorpoint team was also challenged with building up excitement for new hires with longer notice periods. Just because the contract is signed doesn’t mean the “recruiting phase” is suddenly over.

They needed a solution that would drastically reduce administrative work for the HR team, provide a stand-out experience for incoming employees, and arm hiring managers with the tools they need to welcome and connect their new hires to the team.

💡The Solution: A Seamless, Connected Process From Preboarding to Induction

The team chose to work with Enboarder to translate disparate parts of the onboarding process into a seamless series of small, bite-sized nuggets of information that new hires receive during preboarding and all the way through to the in-person induction. The workflow includes bios of the Motorpoint leadership team, information on benefits and perks, and the employee handbook.

Motorpoint has even been able to customize onboarding workflows based on where a new employee is starting – in the head office or at a store location. The ability to adjust communications based on those nuances has been a game-changer for the HR team. Case in point: Retail employees need to wear uniforms. “Because of Enboarder, we’ve been able to capture the sizing information from new hires earlier, so nine times out of 10 they show up on day one with their uniform ready. It’s those little things that make a huge impact,” says Becky.

Now the HR team is able to gather feedback from new hires in real-time and act on any issues right away: “The workflows are brilliant because we can change things at the drop of a hat if we need to.”

💬 "Having the ability to keep everything in one place and an easy record of what parts of the process are still outstanding is really helpful, particularly when managing the onboarding for a number of new starters at once." - Hiring Manager at Motorpoint

Through Enboarder, both hiring managers and HR now have one source of truth as to where new hires are at in the onboarding process: “You can type in the new hire’s name and see their journey. That visibility is critical.”

Every new hire is also assigned a buddy, which “takes a lot of pressure off the hiring manager.” The buddy system provides that human connection that is essential for feeling a sense of belonging to the Motorpoint culture. It’s also a tangible way the company lives its core value of “Stronger Together.”

“Having that feeling for the new starter that ‘Stronger Together’ is a true value and not just words we made up is so important. We want them to feel that. So it’s really important to incorporate that into the whole process – from the interview to day one,” explains Becky.

👑 The Results: Happy New Joiners and Happy Hiring Managers

Feedback from every angle – HR, hiring managers, and new hires – has been so positive that the team has just launched an offboarding workflow and is looking at other processes to bring into Enboarder. (Watch this space!)

When new hires meet Becky during their in-person Welcome Day, they’ll often tell her they’ve never experienced anything like Motorpoint’s onboarding before, noting the many personal touches throughout the process: “It’s very rewarding to hear that it’s been a smooth process for them.”

As for hiring managers, they’re thrilled they have a one-stop shop for all of their hiring needs. Rather than trying to remember which HR person to email, they just need to “follow a notification or click a link” and everything works seamlessly in the background.

💬 "Enboarder has streamlined the onboarding process and helped save us so much time. We don't need to worry about anything falling through the cracks and we know that the system has been designed to catch them." - Hiring Manager at Motorpoint

Looking ahead, Becky is excited to dig into all the Enboarder data at her fingertips – especially with Heat Maps. Where are new hires dropping off in the process? What about hiring managers? All those questions will get answered so the team can continue to refine the onboarding and offboarding processes.

The new workflows are having an incredible impact on employee experience too – delivering that “wow factor” that builds a connection between Motorpoint and new hires and reinforces their decision to join the team. “Our options are massive for what we can use Enboarder for,” says Becky. “We’re really happy with it and really happy with the support as well.”

Now that Becky and the team have solved the onboarding challenge, their sights are set on building momentum with the Enboarder platform and tackling more experiences across the employee journey at Motorpoint. We can’t wait to see where they take the program this year!

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