Enhance the New Hire Experience with the Power of Connection

Help your new hires — and all employees — feel consistently supported and motivated through human connection.

Enboarder for Employee Experience

Create a Culture of Connectedness

Increase trust, eNPS, and engagement scores by connecting employees to information, the organization, and one another.

Amp up Alignment and Well-Being

Connect employees with your mission and goals and help everyone in your company feel like they belong and are valued.

Shine a Light On What Matters

Cut through the chaos and noise of communications and help employees focus on what is most important — to them and to your success!

Employee participation rate
– Enboarder

 Increase in eNPS scores
– Enboarder

Decrease in < 3 month turnover
– Enboarder

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Use Cases

onboard graduates

Internal Communications

Break through the noise and get important information to employees when they need it.

onboard graduates

Culture Management

Help people align with your mission and vision and see what it means to practice your values.

onboard graduates

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Bring every employee on your DE&I journey while fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Elevate Employee Experience Management

Rally People Around Your Goals

Elevate what matters most in your organization and help your employees to deliver on your mission.

Consolidate Lines of Communication

Cut through communications clutter and establish a two-way feedback channel and trusted source of truth.

Show Employees They Matter

Make people feel special, appreciated, and included from their first day to their last — and beyond!

Give Collaboration a Helping Hand

Ramp up productivity across your organization by connecting people to information and each other.

Create a Magnetic Culture

Facilitate human connections that increase satisfaction, attract applicants, and reduce turnover.

Amplify All of Your People Tools

Increase technology engagement and satisfaction and establish a gateway to your people platforms.

Why Human Connection Matters in the Employee Experience

Great employee experience management is absolutely crucial to your organization’s success. A great Employee Experience can boost profits, innovation, and performance — and reduce turnover.

Building your employee experience management around human connections creates a sense of support and community that aligns employees to your mission and values and increases their engagement, satisfaction, and overall commitment. Incorporating authentic relationships into employee experience management leads to healthier organizations with increased well-being, trust, productivity, and commitment — where people want to stay and grow.

“Enboarder is creating those little moments of wow, intrigue, excitement. And I think for us, that’s the biggest thing that we were missing. And it’s nice that it technically does it itself. And when things change – if we have a new video we want to share – it’s so easy to update. It’s totally filled that gap we were missing.”

Beca Floyd,

Internal Communications and Engagement Manager

Resource Center

Stories, research, and templates to help you leverage the power of human connection in your workplace.

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