Speedy Ramps and Returns to Productivity

Support each employee’s lifecycle journey with connections and communications that support leaves of absence, promotion, performance management, and overall career growth.

Enboarder for Career & Performance

Give Everyone the Tools to Succeed

Connect employees to the information and people they need to empower their performance.

Grow the Connections That Grow the Business

Establish a culture of empathy to supercharge feedback, coaching, and career development.

Rescue Your Performance Reviews

Engage people actively with feedback conversations — creating scalable journeys that take the sting out of the performance process.

Of employees are more productive when they feel connected to their colleagues
– 2022 Employee Connection Report, Enboarder

more motivation for employees who feel very connected to their co-workers
– 2022 Employee Connection Report, Enboarder

Lower turnover rates for employees who received feedback

Use Cases

onboard graduates

Performance Management

Build buy-in and enthusiasm for feedback and review conversations with push notification and quick, actionable tasks.

onboard graduates

Internal Moves

Remove the uncertainty from transitions and help employees build relationships so they can focus on doing great work.

onboard graduates

Career & Succession Planning

Nurture your high-potential employees and build a strong talent pipeline for future leadership.

Amplify Employee Lifecycle Management

Put Feedback Front and Center

Deliver prompts and resources that elevate feedback and recognition and help managers nail the process.

Make Reviews Less Painful

Analyze experiences, track completion rates, and offer reminders to speed the performance review cycle.

Boost Productivity and Performance

Drive goal competition and deliver results with timely nudges that encourage decisive action.

Help Your People Learn All the Things

Encourage employees to learn and grow, offering prompts and nudges that support skills acquisition.

Create a Culture of Helpers

Encourage empathy and supportive behavior that enhances teamwork and creative collaboration.

Prepare Your Next Leadership Team

Develop consistent, scalable journeys that simplify and nurture your development pipeline.

Internal Moves

Why Human Connection Matters in the Employee Lifecycle

Great performance systems, career development, and employee lifecycle management all rely on the quality of our human connections at work. When you link people in authentic ways, you create a rich culture that supports more feedback, coaching, and personal development — and boosts employee engagement, productivity, retention, and other important KPIs.

Employee lifecycle management works best when it taps into these informal systems of friendships, support, and trust. 

“Behaviors are changing for the better. Now hiring managers are putting the onboarding experience at the forefront of everything they do for new joiners. We have people managers thanking us for making them aware of the importance of onboarding and saying ‘this process is really helping me be the leader I want to be.”

Laura Devlin,

Global Programme Manager, Lonza

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