Change Comes Easier When People Are Connected

Whether you’re experiencing an M&A, RIF, reorganization, or voluntary churn — provide the connections that build resilience and confidence in your employer brand.

Enboarder for Organizational Development

Build Awareness and Buy-In

Socialize organizational change at scale and help stakeholders understand what is changing, why it is changing, and how it will affect them.

Create a Reservoir of Resilience

Connect people in a meaningful way to increase organizational resilience — leaning on each other to ease change or make sense of stressful events.

Equip Your Culture for Change

Ensure cultural continuity and information exchange during times of rapid growth, technology migrations, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

 ROI with an effective change management process
– McKinsey

 Likelihood of meeting key objectives with effective change management systems
– McKinsey

More likely to be agile at organizations with more connection
– RedThread Research

Use Cases

onboard graduates

Change Management

Drive connections among employees and engagement in change programs with hyper-personalized, meaningful content.

onboard graduates

Mergers & Acquisitions

Confidently lead through change, building alignment and enthusiasm for a new vision and values.

Better Change Management Software

Multiply Your Employee Networks

Create more connections across functions and regions to keep people informed and included.

Empower Managers and Speed Change

Break down information silos and help managers lead confidently through change management software.

Build a Trusted Source of Truth

Cut through communications clutter and establish a trusted authority for official company information.

Open a Two-way Feedback Channel

Capture employee voice and keep your finger on the pulse of your organization with feedback surveys.

Ensure Compliance and Safety

Elevate your most important, strategic outreach, and nudge people to complete tasks.

Pull Together Disparate Systems

Increase clicks, engagement, and satisfaction with tools by establishing a gateway to your people platforms.

Why Human Connection Matters in Organizational Development

Great change management software is anchored on strong human connections and communication. Connecting humans grows resilience to help your organization thrive during times of stress and change. Those relationships matter during mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, rapid growth, technology migrations, and more.

By building meaningful connections to support your change management software you can increase engagement, disseminate information, ease transitions, and socialize ideas. It’s also an amazing way to break down silos and get people working better together! Strong change management software means starting with strong connections among the humans in your organization!

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“Connection within teams and organizational agility are strongly linked because when employees feel supported by their manager and team, they can adjust quickly to changing circumstances.”

Heather Gilmartin Adams,

“Rethinking Connection for a Hybrid Work World”, 2022

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