Human Connections That Spark Ties of Friendship, Affinity, and Belonging

Put shared experiences and fun at the heart of your onboarding and employee experience.

Form and Deepen Relationships at Scale

Reinvent Your Employee Profiles

Add authenticity and personality to your employee relationship management with our Connection Cards.

Help Your People Find Their People in the Flow of Work

Connect buddies, mentors, and team members on a human level by helping them find mutual affinities and interests through our People Connector.

Link Workers via the Power of Play

Create memories and leverage fun to form more genuine connections — by using Connection Cards in networking games, competitions, scavenger hunts, and more.

Help Employees Feel Seen and Special

Facilitate bonding throughout the employee experience — helping people touch base through messages or video, personalizing meaningful surprises, facilitating catch-ups and much more!

How we built 6000 connections in 24 hours.

“Our company pillars are personalization, human touch, and education, and I think that’s what Enboarder helps us bring — that human element. We talk about our culture, about being a tribe, and being a collectiveness, and that’s what Enboarder helps us bring to life.”

Sarah Beardsworth

HR Director

Make the Connection

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