Reigniting Excitement and Engagement for Moneysupermarket Group’s Employee Experience

Case Study 

Moneysupermarket Group Logo Group PLC is a British price comparison website-based business specializing in financial services. The website enables consumers to compare prices on a range of products, including energy, car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, mortgages, credit cards, and loans.

Moneysupermarket Group's Results By the Numbers:


Of IT tickets raised on time, and 100% visibility for HR, since launch


Manager rating on Enboarder and the new and improved experience

Decreased Inquiries

In the people support inbox thanks to Enboarder workflows

⚙️ The Challenge: Diminished Engagement in the Onboarding Process

One of the most common pain points companies face with their employee engagement initiatives is maintaining excitement and enthusiasm for the program. That was part of the challenge Kiera Hazley, people operations team leader at Moneysupermarket Group, needed to tackle when she stepped into her new role in the people team.

In particular, the onboarding process at the Group was scattered between several different groups with no one person or team driving the success of the program. “I really wanted to bring it all into one team, so when I became the people operations team leader, one of my goals was to reinvent the onboarding process,” Kiera says.

Moneysupermarket Group had previously implemented Enboarder for onboarding, but when the main point of contact left their role, engagement in the program declined because the content wasn’t consistently updated.

Kiera wanted to change that, so she raised her hand to "own" the Enboarder tool moving forward. "I stepped up and said, 'I want Enboarder,' because I love it and I thought it was great," she says.

So Kiera started working with her Enboarder account team to figure out how to make the most of the workflows already in place and to re-engage managers and employees in the onboarding, parental leave, and offboarding journeys.

💡 The Solution: Thinking Like a Marketer to Drive Employee Engagement

Kiera quickly realized that, “if you don’t capture people in the first few sentences of an email, then the likelihood of them reading the rest is quite low … Before the refresh, people weren’t submitting IT tickets. We were having to chase people to make sure they ordered a laptop.”

So she started looking at making the messages more engaging. The first step was to break up the existing onboarding journey into more digestible chunks that employees can engage with and take action on, including information about company values, learning & development, and diversity & inclusion. With the help of Enboarder’s Journey Builder, Kiera turned longer pieces of text and PDFs into more user-friendly, engaging content.

The drag-and-drop nature of the product made it easy to update and scale existing workflows. “It’s really good in that it saves the information so I didn’t have to rewrite or reformat. So that was lovely and saved lots of time," says Kiera.

Another important feature is Enboarder’s integration with Moneysupermarket Group’s HRIS, so new hires are put into the right workflow as soon as the contract is signed. Rather than rely on emails from their HRIS system to drive employee action (which Kiera admits look plain and off-brand), Moneysupermarket Group is using Enboarder to drive more engaging and personalized communications that build a sense of connection and belonging right from the start.

Once the new onboarding workflow was complete, Kiera put together an internal communications plan to get the team excited about the program again, including publishing the news on the company’s intranet and in the employee newsletter. “I created a process map so everyone could see end-to-end what is included in the onboarding sequence, meaning managers could see exactly what their new starter was going to receive,” she says.

Now Kiera has her eyes set on revamping other critical employee journeys at Moneysupermarket Group. The first is parental leave. “The parental leave and adoption policies are very word-heavy. I thought, ‘What can we do to make this simpler for colleagues and managers?’ That’s when Enboarder came to mind,” says Kiera.

Looking ahead, as soon as an employee shares the happy news about their pregnancy, they’ll be launched into a workflow that gives them the information they need about their leave, return to work, and employee relations groups they can join. 

💬 “It’s our responsibility to care for them,” says Kiera, “and Enboarder is making it easier to manage the small but important details.”

Another area that’s less visible, but especially important, is risk assessments. “I noticed that risk assessments were just an online word document and weren’t frequently updated,” says Kiera. If an employee needed a footstool or backrest, for example, the people team was not able to easily track the information. Kiera plans to update Enboarder to include the risk assessment form, so managers are automatically notified of any action needed.

And finally, Kiera plans to reinvent the employee offboarding process using Enboarder. “I think the leaver process is almost as important as the onboarding process. I want people to leave Moneysupermarket Group on a good note. It’s about letting people know we’re thinking of them and we still want to help them,” she says.

👑 A Win-Win-Win for New Joiners, Managers, and HR

With the help of Enboarder, Kiera has reignited enthusiasm for onboarding and other employee journeys at the Group. One telltale sign of the program’s success? The amount of requests and questions coming through HR’s inbox has dropped drastically. That’s because everyone knows what to expect when they have a new hire coming on board and new hires are given all the information they need at the right time.

💬 “It’s been nice to re-announce this onboarding process and that we’ve updated Enboarder. We’ve noticed from the reporting side that there’s been a lot more activity from managers … Everyone’s been shouting about [Enboarder] now … Everyone is more engaged with it,” says Kiera. Engagement from new hires who are joining the team is higher than ever.

One new feature line managers are especially excited about is My Dashboard, which gives them quick and easy access to see where their employees are in their journeys and which steps are remaining: “The feedback’s been fantastic and I do think Enboarder’s had a massive impact on our new starters and managers … It makes my life so much easier knowing everything’s running smoothly!”

This kind of innovation is what’s made the partnership between Moneysupermarket Group and Enboarder so successful. “We have a lot of systems where we go, ‘Why doesn’t it do that? Why does it do this?’ And every time I say, ‘With Enboarder, there actually is a solution to it … The team is always amazing in supporting us.”

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