Global - Content - Hybrid Onboarding Template (June 2021)

Experience-Driven Hybrid Onboarding Template

Steal our template to design the best virtual onboarding experience!

Reshape onboarding into an immersive adventure for your new hires.

Unlock the power to create an onboarding journey that's nothing short of remarkable for your new recruits. Say goodbye to traditional onboarding checklists and embrace a holistic approach that spans from -28 days to +90 days.


Elevate your onboarding process by seamlessly weaving together the essential pillars of Clarification, Compliance, Culture, and Connection into a tapestry of engagement.


Whether your team members are settling into the office environment, embracing remote work, or enjoying the best of both worlds, our template empowers you to spark their enthusiasm and foster a strong sense of belonging.

Use this template to:

Craft a full, experience-driven hybrid onboarding journey from -28 days to +90 days

Seamlessly cover the 4C’s of onboarding - Clarification, Compliance, Culture and Connection

Drive new hire excitement and engagement whether they're in the office, in a remote environment or a mix of both

Wrap every element of the onboarding journey in experience


Build Better Human Connections with Enboarder