Enboarder: Elevate Employee Experience Beyond Onboarding

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20% YoY decrease in 6-month leavers?

65% increase in new hire productivity?!

50% reduction in new hire no shows?!?

Maybe you’ve already seen or experienced the benefits that Enboarder brings to onboarding, but have you wondered what other areas Enboarder could help you boost your employee connection and bring value to your business?

Well, get your tickets ready because we’re about to take a trip through eight more areas beyond onboarding, where our customers are currently using Enboarder to achieve better business efficiency and increase employee engagement and satisfaction at the same time!

… but first:

What is Enboarder, really?

Yes, Enboarder is a Human Connection Platform designed to increase your employee engagement, but let’s strip it down to the nuts and bolts:

At the most basic level, Enboarder is an employee communication and workflow tool.

It allows the creation of quick, actionable, and even templated events that are laid across a timeline. And this is why it works so great for onboarding: Your new hire has a start date, so we can work forward and backward from that date to trigger and automate events exactly when they need to happen.

Need to order a laptop two weeks before the start date? – No problem.

Need to send an engagement survey after two weeks on the job? – You got it.

onboarding flow

And this hints at the second major benefit that Enboarder offers: It’s repeatable and reproducible.

Once you’ve built your onboarding workflow, you can recreate it and apply it everywhere across your organization to help reduce the typical variance employees can experience between different managers. You can even easily adapt carefully curated templates that we’ve modeled after our most successful customers. Just think of the possibilities!

Once you realize these major benefits, you can see that Enboarder is much more than an onboarding tool.

It’s a machine for efficiency and effectiveness across almost every one of your HR processes.

Without further ado, here are the top eight areas where our customers are having the most success.

1. Learning

learning journey

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom.

In fact, it starts the moment you are aware that there’s something you need to learn, and it doesn’t end after the training event (For the learning to stick, we need to revisit the topic and what we’ve learned regularly for a period of time afterward).

Enboarder customers use Enboarder to help make learning more effective by breaking larger training and learning events into smaller, more manageable and meaningful chunks and distributing them over a longer period of time.

This includes:

  • Helping provide employees surveys and opportunities for awareness of their current state before the training begins.
  • Sending employees reminders and checklists of required materials for the training so they’re ready when it starts.
  • Launching post-training surveys to understand if and how the L&D process can be improved.
  • Giving managers reminders and useful materials after the training event so they can follow up with their people in meaningful ways.

And using these methods, Enboarder customers have seen impressive stats across their entire organizations, like a 25% increase in employee productivity and a 10-15% increase in sales bookings.

2. Mentoring

mentor testimonial

The benefits of a strong mentorship program are too plentiful to mention in this blog, but there’s a common issue that plagues most mentorship programs:

They fizzle out when “real work” gets in the way.

Here are a few ways our customers are using Enboarder to combat breakdowns in your mentorship program:

Providing regular, automated nudges to mentors and mentees with helpful prompts for discussion.
Sending reminders to managers to discuss mentorship progress during 1-on-1s and performance reviews.
Nudging the C-suite and executive teams to produce regular statements reinforcing the value the business is seeing from the mentorship program.
Polling mentors and mentees for “Mentorship Success Stories” to help their co-workers see the value in the mentorship program.

Regular and consistent nudges help ensure your mentorship program won’t fall by the wayside and will help you capture those valuable “success moments” that are so often overlooked.

3. Transitions

transition flow

The only thing consistent in your employees’ lives is change … and Enboarder.

If your employees are with you for any length of time, they’ll unlikely undergo some big changes like parental leave, first-time management, offboarding, and other critical transitions. These changes can be scary for your employees and intimidating for your managers – especially if this is their first time guiding an employee through one of these transitions.

Here are a few ways our customers use Enboarder to help give their employees and their managers some peace of mind during times of transition:

  • Providing consistency by essentially copying and pasting their most successful and effective workflows and templates between managers. It may be their first time guiding an employee through parental leave, but your newest manager can provide the same experience as one of your most experienced managers by applying the same workflow.
  • Making sure “nothing gets dropped.” As opposed to a static checklist that often gets lost or neglected, Enboarder triggers the right actions at the right time with helpful real-time nudges.

During times of transition, your employees need the comfort of consistency. Show them that you’ve truly thought of everything with Enboarder.

4. Change Management

The American Psychological Association (APA) found that employees going through workplace changes are 2x more likely to experience chronic stress and 4x more likely to exhibit physical health symptoms than those who aren’t!

During times of organizational change, it’s easy for our employees to feel unsettled, and the rumor mill is bound to start running if we fail to communicate regularly and consistently.

But how can you remember to keep up your regular communications while there’s so much else going on?

With Enboader, of course.

Here’s how:

  • Use pre-built templates. It may be your company’s first time going through one of these big organizational changes, but there isn’t much that we haven’t seen before. Reach out to your Enboader customer success manager for assistance building a communications workflow (or using one of our road-tested templates!) to help your people navigate whatever change you’re facing.
  • Copy and paste for managers. Once your organization has settled on a communication flow, you can disseminate this same flow and templates to each of your lower-level managers to ensure they’re having the proper communications with their teams at the proper times without them having to shoulder the full burden of creating each of these touchpoints themselves.

Like your employees, you don’t have to go through these changes alone – Enboader is here to help!

5. Mergers & Acquisitions

change management message

While all changes can be intimidating, few things are as scary to our employees as hearing the A-word.

… The “acquisition” word, that is.

As your employees wonder what their role will be in the future company, the worst thing you can do as a manager, HR team, and executive team is be silent.

Similar to the tips offered for Change Management, our most successful customers use Enboarder to:

  • Create consistent messaging between all levels of management and the C-suite.
  • Remember to reach out regularly and provide status updates and helpful information.
  • Follow pre-built, best-in-class examples created by other companies who have already gone through the same changes you’re experiencing right now.

Help ease your employees’ nerves and show them that you have their well-being in mind with an orderly and controlled approach to employee communication with Enboarder.

6. Performance Management

What were my performance goals again?

Too often, performance management is viewed as a single event in time, instead of being a continuum where your people are encouraged to improve over time.

Our best customers use Enboarder as an integral part of their performance management process to:

  • Provide regular reminders to employees of their goals and KPIs so they can keep making progress throughout the year, not just at review time.
  • Send managers regular nudges to follow up with their employees on their key focus areas and development goals to ensure they’re on track or see if they need to revise their goals.
  • Increase the consistency and transparency of the entire performance review process. There are no more surprises at review time, as the key goals and metrics have been reviewed regularly throughout the year.

With Enboarder, performance management feels less like a test to be passed and more like the collaborative process for an employee’s professional improvement that it was created to be.

7. Well-Being


With leaders and employees burning out at record rates, it’s more critical than ever to help your people stay happy and healthy. But how do you ensure your well-being program’s success, with 77% of employees not participating and 38% saying they’re too busy to participate?

Don’t just hand your employees a wellness checklist, bring it to life with Enboarder:

  • Create personalized journeys that invite engagement and create clarity around your initiatives
  • Break larger programs into smaller, more manageable pieces to prevent employees from feeling overwhelmed and increase their chances of success.
  • Easily integrate mixed media and content to help your employees be inspired and feel more motivated and engaged.
  • Enable the network effect! Send nudges to fellow employees, managers, and mentors to encourage your employees to keep going.

Forty-eight percent of employees who use well-being programs report being highly engaged, so use Enboarder to help your employees feel – and perform – at the top of their game!

8. Alumni Networks

Too often, regretted leavers can be overlooked when really they can be a powerhouse for performance and efficiency.

Enterprise alumni reports that re-hires are 40% more productive in their first quarter of work, and they tend to stay in the job longer. They save time and money during the recruitment process because you already know them, and they already know your values, people, systems, and processes, and research suggests that the average Fortune 500 business could save upwards of $12 million per year by actively recruiting alumni.

Enboarder helps our customers tap into this valuable market by:

  • Establishing a regular cadence of communication with leavers to communicate company news, events, alumni spotlights, meet-ups, and open positions that may interest them.
  • Nudging HR professionals and co-workers to personally reach out to and check in with their former colleagues to keep existing friendships and relationships alive and healthy.

Reaching out to alumni is one of those tasks that quickly gets dropped when the workload picks up, but it’s too valuable to leave out of your recruitment plan. Set up an Alumni engagement workflow in Enboarder and see ROI with your next hire!

So, what can you use Enboarder for?

wp diego-ph-fIq0tET6llw-unsplash

So yeah, Enboarder is an exceptional onboarding tool, but because of our simple and scalable infrastructure and low-code interface, it can be used for a whole variety of functions.

Would your program or application benefit from Enboarder?

Here’s a quick checklist to find out:

  • Is it something that’s valuable but frequently gets overlooked or buried under your employee or manager’s regular workload?
  • Does it require multiple people to perform actions dependent on each other or in parallel
  • Would your process benefit from the experience of someone who has been through it before?
  • Does it require preparation or communication before, during, or after?
  • Does it need to be consistent or performed on a cadence?
  • Is it (or should it be) more than a one-time event?
  • Does it require reinforcement?

If you checked any of the boxes above, your process would most definitely benefit from Enboarder.

We’re continuously amazed by the use cases that our customers uncover and the way they apply our product.

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