How Enboarder Matches Up in an Onboarding Software Comparison

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(TL;DR: We were named “Best employee onboarding software for a supportive, engaging onboarding experience” in a recent onboarding software comparison! )

We don’t really like to humble-brag. But today, we’re making an exception. Why? Because, a recent comprehensive onboarding software comparison by Nicola Scoon from Zapier has spotlighted us as a premier choice for employee onboarding software, and named us “Best employee onboarding software for a supportive, engaging onboarding experience.” We’re pretty excited about it.

We just love this review. Not only because it loves us (and it does) — but also because it’s so clear that Nicola really gets what’s important in onboarding. The accolades aren’t just about Enboarder’s success; they are a testament to what we stand for: making onboarding easier, but also more fun, engaging, and supportive for everyone involved. 

In her thorough exploration, Nicola identifies several key areas where the right onboarding software can transform the new hire journey. These areas resonate deeply with our own mission and approach, and we’re thrilled to dive into some of her findings, emphasizing why we also believe our platform stands out.

A Focus on Supportive and Engaging Onboarding

One of the standout features Nicola highlights in her review is our “innovative, highly visual “ interface. This is one of the most important aspects of the Enboarder platform because it aligns with our core belief: onboarding is about supporting not just the new starter, but about supporting everyone in the onboarding process. Yes, new hires, but their managers and buddies too. We understand that integrating into a new role is a significant transition, and our platform is designed to ease that journey through an engaging, interactive user experience.

Automation and Personalization at the Heart

At the speed of modern HR, automation is key to efficiency. Nicola’s review highlights our smart automation and the personalized onboarding journeys our software enables with timely prompts, nudges and reminders that can be added to your timeline, like SMS notifications, forms, and emails. 

By automating repetitive tasks and making them engaging and accessible, we ensure that each new hire’s experience is not only consistent but also uniquely tailored to them. This combination of automation and personalization with a very visual approach to onboarding and milestones is what we believe sets us apart, ensuring a memorable onboarding process for every new team member.

Culture and Engagement: More Than Just a Digital Process

Perhaps what we’re most proud of, and what Nicola emphasized, is our platform’s ability to infuse a culture of connection into the digital onboarding process. We’re only sorry Nicola’s post went up before we launched our new Connection Cards

We’ve always believed that onboarding shouldn’t feel like going through the motions. It should be an experience that warmly welcomes new hires into the company’s culture,  in an immersive way that helps them feel valued and connected to other humans from day one. Our platform focuses on fostering culture and engagement — bringing humanity to the forefront of a connected onboarding experience.

Insights and Reporting for Continuous Improvement

We are data nerds at Enboarder, and we know the importance of getting insights into how new hires interact with your onboarding process. Nicola’s review emphasizes the importance of good reporting in her assessment of the options — which we 100% agree with. A solid feedback loop is a key part of the Enboarder platform. 

We think it’s vital for continuously refining the onboarding experience, and ensuring it remains effective and enjoyable for your hires.

Onboarding Software Comparison: Our Takeaway

Really, the only “negative” Nicola seems to have found in her review (humble brag incoming) is that we offer SO MUCH flexibility and customization. And that’s something we’re actually really proud of — not least because we have an absolutely amazing customer success team who help you navigate the process, so you can fine tune those options to fit your exact needs. Just ask our customers, like Arden University and T-Mobile!

While we’re humbled and honored by the recognition, what really excites us about this article is knowing that our mission is so evident. The insights Nicola Scoon lays out in her review are validation for us. They are a roadmap for how we can keep improving, keep innovating, and keep providing onboarding experiences that truly make a difference.

And don’t worry — being named one of the best employee onboarding software platforms in 2024 won’t go to our heads. We will continue to push forward, keep listening to our users, and continue to push the boundaries of how we can make onboarding an enriching, connected journey for every employee.

Thank you, Nicola, for the comprehensive onboarding software comparison and for recognizing our efforts in a domain we’re deeply passionate about. And to all our current and future users — this is just the beginning. We’re here to support you in creating an onboarding experience that not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting the stage for long-term success and employee engagement.

To learn more about why we made Zapier’s shortlist, we invite you to get a personal tour of the Enboarder platform and see for yourself why we stand out from the crowd!

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