5 Things to Consider When Implementing New Onboarding Technology

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You want to create a memorable, impactful onboarding process. But with all the options out there, how can you be sure you’re making the right technological choices for your people?

We get it. Navigating through the seas of onboarding technology can be daunting. There are so many options and innovative ideas. It’s not always clear. What will work? What features matter most? How can you be most impactful?

The decisions you make now could have a ripple effect on employee experience, productivity, and belonging in your company for years. No pressure!

Not to worry — we have a treasure trove of advice in our new A Buyer’s Guide to Modern Onboarding Software white paper, and we’re here to preview some of it for you.

Let’s pull out a few things to think about as you start to power up your onboarding tech implementation.

5 Power Moves for Onboarding Tech Implementation

  1. Creating Personalization at Scale: Every new hire is unique, and their onboarding experience should treat them like the hero of their own story. Your onboarding technology should support personalized journeys that adapt based on individual needs, roles, and feedback. Craft journeys that make every new start feel seen, valued, and ready to conquer their new world from day one.
  2. Building Connections Beyond Paperwork: Connected onboarding is about more than just filling out forms. It’s all about sparking genuine human connections. We’re talking about weaving your newbies into the fabric of your team, embedding them into the essence of your culture, and equipping them with the knowledge keys to unlock their potential. This includes sourcing software with a solution that helps to integrate the new hire not just with their team and the broader organization but also with the essential information and company culture.
  3. Setting Up A System Managers Love (and Will Use): Managers aren’t just team leaders; they’re the onboarding champions your new hires need. The right tech should arm them with a quiver full of tools, insights, and nudges to make welcoming newbies an epic win. Choose software that actually makes them shine. Also, inspire them to engage regularly with the technology and enabling them to deliver standing-ovation-worthy onboarding experiences.
  4. Ensuring Ease of Use Across the Board: Simplicity isn’t just nice to have; it’s your new hire’s lifeline. Your tech pick must be a breeze for everyone: the HR squad, the fearless managers, and the eager newbies. Complicated? Nope, not on our watch. Ensure your platform can be tailored to your needs without having to call in the tech cavalry for every minor tweak.
  5. How You Craft Your Implementation Strategy: Dive into action with a crystal-clear battle plan. Who’s doing what? When’s the launch? Avoid the temptation of unleashing everything at once. Victory lies in quick, adaptable moves. (And by the way, Enboarder champions this with a platform so intuitive, you could be designing a new onboarding experience in mere hours, not days.) Aim for progress, not perfection, and watch your onboarding transform.
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Choosing the Right Onboarding Tools

Choosing a new onboarding technology isn’t just about picking a tool; it’s about igniting a spark that transforms the new hire journey into an epic adventure. With these five power moves, you’re not just implementing a system. You’re celebrating every new start, fostering deep connections, and propelling your culture forward.

Ready to turn the page to a thrilling chapter of your onboarding story? Dive deeper into our guide, A Buyer’s Guide to Modern Onboarding Software, and discover how to select a technology that not only meets your needs but also amplifies your impact. 

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