Buyer’s Guide to Modern Onboarding Software

Everything you need to know about the latest game-changing innovations in onboarding technology – and how to avoid investing in the wrong one

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The right software will transform onboarding from a tedious process into an engaging experience. But choose the wrong solution, and months of work will go down the drain, without any demonstrable results in turnover numbers, engagement, or employee experience.


So which onboarding software is the right one for your organization?


This clear and complete guide will give you everything you need to make an informed choice.


Key takeaways

  • Find out why onboarding portals and apps may actually be eroding employee engagement
  • Uncover the eight game-changing features you need to look for in your onboarding software
  • Prepare for vendor demos with hard-hitting questions that only the most well-informed insiders know to ask
  • Find the right partners that’ll set up your onboarding transformation for success

Everything you need to know about onboarding tech in 2019

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