Do You Know The 8 Secrets to Great Onboarding?

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The world of work is evolving at breakneck speed, which means crafting HR programs that hit the mark can be a little head-spinning. But getting to great onboarding may be simpler than you think. Our latest eBook, 8 Secrets to the World’s Best People Programs, pulls back the curtain on what makes programs for new starters not just function but thrive!

Three Foundational Elements for HR 

We’re not going to spill the tea on all 8 secrets here — for that you’ll have to download the book. But we CAN tell you that the secrets to impactful HR practices boil down to three foundational elements: authenticity, flexibility, and human connection. 

Okay, wait. Don’t gloss over those. Let’s stop and look at those again. In fact, we’ll bullet them for emphasis.

  • Authenticity
  • Flexibility
  • Human Connection

These aren’t just buzzwords. They are actual pillars for programs that — if you’re using them in good faith — will resonate deeply with employees, fostering an environment where engagement and motivation are not mandated but naturally nurtured.


Authenticity is a foundational player in this trio. In a sea of organizational norms and expectations, understanding what truly makes your culture tick, and then planning onboarding around it,  can differentiate between a good people program and a great one. It’s about amplifying the voices within your organization. It’s also about ensuring that every initiative, every program, and every decision is a genuine reflection of the values your team upholds. The message is clear: let authenticity be your compass.


Flexibility used to be a perk. Now it is a necessity. Our research, including insights from our “2023 Global Employee Connection Survey,” underscores the importance of adaptable programs that meet employees where they are. It’s a nod to the individuality of each team member, acknowledging that a one-size-fits-all approach is a relic of the past. Flexibility in people programs means recognizing and honoring the diverse needs, schedules, and learning styles of your workforce, ensuring everyone feels valued and supported.

Human Connection

What stitches authenticity and flexibility together? Human Connection. In an age where digital interactions often outnumber face-to-face ones, fostering genuine connections is paramount. It’s about creating a sense of community, where employees feel not just seen but understood. From onboarding to daily operations, ensuring every HR initiative is imbued with a spirit of togetherness can turn a workplace into a community.

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Real World People Programs

Our eBook doesn’t stop at outlining these key principles. It also dives deep into real-world applications. We share stories from brands like Dermalogica, Landor & Fitch, Foxtel, and TomTom, showcasing how they’ve implemented each of these 8 secrets to build world-class people programs. 

From creating meaningful moments of connection to scaling onboarding processes that welcome and integrate every new hire as a valued member of the team. The examples within these pages offer a roadmap to transforming your HR practices.

One standout story is how Dermalogica automates and personalizes the preboarding and onboarding experience, making every new hire feel part of the community from before day one. Or how Landor & Fitch demonstrates the power of scaling onboarding globally, ensuring a consistent yet personalized welcome for every new team member, no matter where they are in the world.

In a lot of ways, this eBook is more than just a collection of tips. It sets the bar and throws a call to action out there for HR professionals, team leaders, and managers. It challenges you to rethink your people programs, infuse them with authenticity, mold them with flexibility, and enrich them with human connection. It’s also an invitation to be a part of a movement that places people at the heart of every program, every initiative, and every decision.

Ready to transform your workplace into a nurturing, engaging, and thriving environment? Be sure to check out the 8 Secrets to the World’s Best People Programs ebook. It’s time to unlock your people’s potential and embark on a journey to more powerful onboarding! 

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