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Why Enboarder for Onboarding

When building connections into your people programs, where do you start?

Naturally, with onboarding! Fostering connection from day one is the key to unlocking better engagement, higher productivity, and increased job satisfaction in distributed teams.


Enboarder’s workflows and prompts facilitate ongoing 1:1 communications between employees that help them ramp quickly and become emotionally embedded in your organization. With Enboarder you can:

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Jump-start new hire belonging

Connects new hires to managers or buddies on a personal level — helping that new hire feel more seen and welcomed.

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Boost retention and engagement

When new hires feel connected, the research shows they’re more likely to commit to your organization for the long haul.

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Reduce time to productivity

A standout onboarding experience makes it easy for your new hires to hit the ground running and get to work more quickly.

5 Simple Ways Companies Can Build More Human Connection at Work

Bring the Power of Human Connection Into Your Hiring & Onboarding Processes With Enboarder

Digitize your processes, boost engagement, & spark human connection with Enboarder's onboarding automation.

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Create engaging workflows

Transform your onboarding into personalized journeys that get your newbies excited before Day 1 – and long after that!

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Easily design stunning content

Create beautiful web pages, virtual office tours, team videos or interactive communications in just a few clicks.

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Deliver relevant journeys

Serve hyper-personalized employee onboarding content based on role, activity, and demographics.

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Inspire action

Deliver your onboarding content on their preferred channel – just one click away. No apps to download, no logins to remember.

Trusted by the Best

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Experience-Driven Onboarding Solution

Automate "Let's get ready for Day 1"

Tech requests, uniform orders, ID badges, business cards – make equipment and services requests a breeze.

Get managers to nail their part

Empower and coach managers to nail employee onboarding with subtle and timely virtual nudges.

Own the onboarding journey

Analyze your new hire experience, keep your finger on the pulse with check-in surveys and track success over time.

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Future-proof your onboarding program

Stay agile in an ever-changing workplace with employee induction tech that enables you to pivot easily & quickly.

Measurable Impact

65% increase in new hire productivity 📈

50% reduction in new hire no shows 📊

20% YOY decrease in 6 months leavers 📉

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