How Cromwell Property Group Crafted Personalised Onboarding For Each Region

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"As a global business, our surprise with Enboarder was how easy it was to tailor onboarding experiences to the local office and workforce."

Roxanne Ewing, Head of People - Australia
Cromwell Property Group

The Result

The Challenge

Give a strong sense of purpose and shared core values.

Cromwell Property Group is a Global Real Estate Investment Manager comprised of 350+ staff in 30 offices, across 15 countries. Roxanne Ewing, the Head of People for the Australian business, started with the business when they were just 50 people strong. Despite growth and changes, Roxanne stated: “Our purpose for being in business has never wavered and we have held on to our company values since the beginning. We really wanted our new employees to walk in on day one and already know what we are about and what our values are.”

The challenge for Cromwell was to bridge the four to eight week gap from when a new hire signs an offer letter to their first day as an official employee. The P&C (People & Culture) team wanted all new employees to walk in on day one and already know what to expect, which would then help them get up to speed much quicker.

“Being able to share more about ourselves as an organisation also helps to validate their decision for joining us, rather than trying to decipher that in their first few weeks.”

Cromwell also saw an opportunity to make their onboarding experience consistent across all offices, in all countries.

The Solution

Create a first class, global onboarding experience.

The P&C team found that Enboarder was very easy to roll out on a global scale, and it is starting to help them achieve a consistent experience they had always been looking for. Now the onboarding workflows, tools, and videos are replicated and updated across the world with minimum time investment.

“It surprised us how easily we could tailor the onboarding experiences to our local workforce. Through the Enboarder platform, we could create different scenarios based on certain criteria.” Now employees in Brisbane receive relevant information about the head office, while the Melbourne team get delivered localised information pertinent to them. Even though the Cromwell P&C team is small and can’t commit significant amounts of time to onboarding, the platform helped automate their ideas and make the process first class. The biggest takeaway for Cromwell is the employee feedback...

“It has been so incredibly positive, and we have new hires saying it is the best onboarding experience they have ever had. I think that’s a pretty powerful statement when we have employees who come from large organisations and enterprise firms, so it has been impressive to get that feedback given our size and scale.”