oOh!media’s Low-Maintenance, High-Engagement Employee Onboarding Experience

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"Enboarder is the only platform I have found that is absolutely about engagement and connecting with your employees before they start in your business."

Alana Bennet, Head of Talent

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The Challenge: Retaining culture as the business scales

From its beginning, oOh! Media was founded as a family business by CEO Brendon Cook. These tight roots, and a commitment to culture, allowed oOh! Media to remain a close-knit team during its early growth stages.

But as a business scales, and brings in new people, how do you keep the culture alive? How can companies with growing teams retain the intimacy of a family business?

Alana Bennet, Head of Talent at oOh! Media, recognizes that a maintaining a healthy company culture starts from the beginning, by educating and nurturing newcomers in the culture of the organization.

This insight allowed her to zero in on the onboarding process for new oOh! Media employees.

Onboarding, starting from zero

When Alana first started at oOh!media, the onboarding process was essentially a blank piece of paper.

While the culture itself was strong, there was a lack of consistency and engagement around onboarding.

Alana designed an onboarding process which commences 30 days before the start date and goes all the way up to end of the first year of employment.

However, she still needed a solution which would help create a seamless experience and ensure consistency.

“I needed a tool that I could set up and it would run itself. We’re a small business and a lean team, so once it was set up, it would only require monitoring”

Alana Bennet presenting oOh! media's latest results in Sydney, 2016.

The goal: end-to-end, automated employee onboarding

Alana wanted all new hires to have the oOh!media experience before they even stepped foot into the office on day one.

She also wanted the newcomers to take ownership over parts of the onboarding process, enabling a two-way engagement that allowed oOh!media to get to know the new hire, while helping them get an understanding of the business.

The other big focus for Alana was to close the gap between recruitment and Day One.

"Our candidates had a great experience during the recruitment process and we wanted to retain this level of engagement right up until they started," she explained.

"So fundamentally, this was the reason we had to change – we were committed to ensuring our people were connected with our brand, our business and our story from the word go."

An engagement-centric electronic employee onboarding platform

To reach the goal, and to make her vision of a low-maintenance, high-engagement onboarding process a reality, Alana and her team brought on Enboarder's employee onboarding platform.

Because Enboarder is an engagement-centric onboarding solution that delivers both personalisation and automation in spades, it was a natural fit.

Enboarder's best-practice employee onboarding approach also means oOh!media's managers get the coaching, reminders and help they need to put their best foot forward during onboarding, without having to do a whole lot of extra work.

“Enboarder delivers, without an immense amount of effort in terms of setup. It means that everyone regardless of your role in our business, experiences the same great onboarding experience."

How will Enboarder kick-start your experience-driven onboarding journey?