5 Ways to Use Enboarder’s New Custom Integration Tile

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Let’s face it: Most of us spend our work days knee-deep in various tech apps. Late last year Gartner asked 118 HR leaders what their top areas of investment will be in 2023: 46% cited HR technology as their top priority (followed closely by staffing and recruiting and total rewards).

But just investing in technology alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re creating the best employee experience. You need engagement with these apps. That’s where Enboader comes in: We help you add the human experience layer on top of existing HR systems so you can deliver more personalized experiences at scale. When you have integrated tech, you create a seamless and enjoyable experience for end users. You also save time so you and your HR team can spend more time on strategic initiatives.

Today we’re excited to share a product update from Enboarder that will help solve this challenge: our new Custom Integration Tile. You might know that Enboarder has lots of existing integrations with tech you use every day. But if you’re looking to connect a system that’s not yet available in our app center, the new Custom Integration Tile is for you. Say hello to a new level of automation and one less reason for middleware and extensive IT resources.

What does this mean in practice? Here are some ways you could use our Custom Integration Tile to make your life that much easier – and create an amazing employee experience.

1. Automatically schedule meetings in Google or Outlook calendar. 📅

Your new hire cohorts all follow a similar onboarding plan? Your Leadership Development program participants all go through the same schedule? Let Enboarder pre-populate their calendars so they know who to meet and what to learn when.

2. Post files in relevant Slack channels. 🎉

For example, you could use Enboarder to drive engagement with your volunteer program. Send a follow-up survey through Enboarder after a volunteer day and ask employees to upload their photos. Now those photos can be shared directly to Slack for everyone to see and celebrate.

3. Update your LMS.🤓

Many of our customers use Enboarder to create personalized learning journeys. You can connect Enboarder and your learning management system so your system of record is automatically up to date on engagement and completion rates.

4. Reflect form responses in Google Sheets. ✅

Enboarder Forms are a great way to get to know your people and collect feedback and information. Whatever the question (like our favorite: What’s your 3 p.m. munchie?), you can now send their answers straight to a Google sheet file.

5. Save files in Sharepoint. 📃

There are so many forms and documents we need to collect from employees. Now you can gather them all through Enboarder and make sure they’re saved in the right place for future reference.

The possibilities are endless! We can’t wait to see all the creative ways our customers use the Custom Integration Tile to build best-in-class employee experiences.

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