How Zapier Saves 206,185 Minutes a Year by Scaling Their Onboarding Program with Enboarder

Hear the incredible story of how Zapier harnessed the power of automation & saved their onboarding team over a year and a half of work

Zapier's Pre-boarding and Onboarding Program

Call us mindblown when we learned that Zapier saved their team 86 work weeks spent on manual tasks by scaling and automating their onboarding program with Enboarder 🤯.


If you don't already know, Zapier is the expert when it comes to automation and tech integrations - their product is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps. And with a fully remote workforce, they know a thing or two about improving process efficiencies.

So when Zapier joined forces with Enboarder to onboard their new hires (aka Zapiens), Zapier’s Onboarding Program Manager, Ashley Priebe Brown, was determined to completely revamp the onboarding experience to scale with the company’s massive growth.


Watch this on-demand webinar presented by Enboarder, featuring our host & HR Analyst, Ben Eubanks, and guest speaker Ashley Priebe Brown from Zapier. Get an exclusive look behind the curtain at Zapier’s new hire journey, and learn how Ashley leveraged Zapier’s tool with Enboarder’s Experience-Driven Onboarding Solution to create a personalized onboarding experience designed to retain their top talent, and scale with Zapier’s incredible growth.

In this session you will learn:

 What the first 180 days look like as a new Zapien, and Ashley’s tips for onboarding your new hires remotely (and across timezones!).

The ROI metrics that Zapier tracks to measure the impact of their new hire experience on retention, engagement, and productivity.

How Zapier creates opportunities for connection and belonging for their new hires.

How Zapier reduced feelings of overwhelm, and improved new hire learning retention by “theming” each day of the first 2 weeks - and the science behind why it works!

How Zapier uses their own automation tool to connect Enboarder with their ATS, HRIS, LMS, Slack, and internal employee calendars for a seamless, integrated onboarding experience.

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