How to Maximize People Experience and Minimize Burnout

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How to Maximize People Experience and Minimize Burnout

How will you respond to the shift to an employee's market?

Workplace trends have been center stage the past couple of years as the world – and how we worked in it – changed. Questions like, “Do millennials really want different things at work?” and “Is quiet quitting a real thing?” And “what is the right way to bring employees back into the office?”
The answer to all of these questions is… that there is no one answer.
That’s why we recently turned to some industry experts to share their perspectives. Dan Strode, group director of culture and strategy at Banco Santander, and Tom Kegode, Work:Lab lead, future of work, people & places at Lloyds Banking Group, sat down with Enboarder’s Chris Jones at the HR Congress Tech Fest to discuss these topics.
Read more in our companion blog, “Debunking Myths Around Millennials, Quiet Quitting, and the Return to Office.”
Note: As we’ve found out over the past few years, technical difficulties are real and one of our panelists was experiencing them when the discussion started. We promise all of the insights from Chris, Dan and Tom are worth hanging around for.

In this session you’ll hear our panelists discuss:

What’s driving the shift to an employee’s market?

Is this just about the demands of millennials and Gen Z?

What’s the deal with quiet quitting?

Is the office dead?

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