Becoming a Culture Leader: Offering Human Connections as a Workplace Perk

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Beyond “ping pong tables” and “kombucha on tap” - workplace perks that actually increase employee happiness and retention

Becoming a Culture Leader: Offering Human Connections as a Workplace Perk

The World of Work has been evolving - how will you respond?

Traditionally, workplace perks to motivate and engage employees have been centered around physical incentives and monetary rewards. How many times have you seen “ping pong tables” or “kombucha on tap” being offered to attract potential candidates?


But the World of Work has been evolving to reflect the shift in priorities; what people value and want from work has fundamentally changed. There is a greater emphasis on work-life balance, health & happiness, and the need for human connections.


Join this on-demand webinar where our speakers take a deep dive into the topic of building human connections in your organization. In this session, you will learn tangible strategies to increase employee happiness & retention through the power of connectivity.

Consider the following:

53% of people are more likely to prioritize their health and well-being over work than before the pandemic

63% of job seekers say that work-life balance is a top priority

Over 60% of people value spontaneous interactions with co-workers as the #1 benefit of being in the office

How can we create a meaningful Culture of Human Connection?

You won't want to miss this exciting discussion - watch this webinar today!

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Laura Sukorokoff

Founder, Chief People Maximizer


Laura Lee Gentry

Founder & CEO

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Aaron Johnson

Account Executive


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