Company Culture: Building Connection and Belonging in the Hybrid Work Era.

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Embrace the hybrid work era: Learn how to foster connection and belonging through company culture.

Company Culture: Building Connection and Belonging in the Hybrid Work Era.

About this Webinar

Unleash the transformative potential of your workplace culture in the Hybrid Work Era. Join Ami Patel, Head of People Programs & Experience, and Robert Knight, Global HRBP Lead, GTM & G&A at Immutable, as they delve into the essence of connection and belonging.


In this engaging webinar, you'll embark on a journey to discover the heart of your organization. Explore the profound impact that company culture has on building a thriving community and fostering a sense of shared purpose in the midst of evolving work arrangements. With their wealth of experience, Ami and Robert will guide you through practical strategies and actionable insights that empower you to create a warm, inclusive environment.


Experience the magic of cultivating genuine human connections, even in a hybrid work setting. Gain invaluable knowledge on how to foster an environment where every team member feels seen, heard, and valued. Unlock the secret to building a workplace culture that transcends physical boundaries and ignites inspiration.

You will learn

The crucial role of company culture in fostering connection and belonging in the Hybrid Work Era

Practical strategies to create a warm and inclusive environment that transcends physical boundaries

Actionable insights on building genuine human connections and nurturing a sense of shared purpose

How to empower your teams through a positive workplace culture that drives unprecedented success

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