4 Steps to Make Your Learning Program Work in a Hybrid World

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US - BT Webinar - 4 Steps Learning Hybrid World (Sep 2022)

It's all about people!

Learning and development: it’s a critical foundation in closing the skills gap to drive business productivity, but how do you get your teams to actually engage with your programs!? Upskilling and reskilling is the top priority for L&D professionals right now – and if employees' skills gaps aren’t closed quickly, they can have drastic impacts to your organization.
Join us for this session where you’ll get actionable steps to not just improve engagement with your programs, but also the impact that a human-centric approach can have on all of your HR programs. Learn about how productivity and satisfaction can be improved through four components of a connected employee experience.

What you'll learn

How to activate your people to have a more effective learning & development program

Why managers play a bigger role in the development of their staff – as well as themselves!

How using a human-centric approach when building your HR programs and putting yourself in your employees shoes offers the best possible learning experience

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