The Do's and Don'ts of Hybrid and Virtual Onboarding

Uncover the strategies for effective virtual onboarding in today's remote work landscape.

Unlock the potential of virtual and hybrid onboarding

Dive into the world of hybrid onboarding with Chris Jones and Craig McCoy. Gain insights into the essentials of effective onboarding in a virtual environment. Discover how to set clear expectations, maintain engagement throughout the process, and deliver key information to remote employees. Explore the role of managers in creating positive experiences and supporting new hires. Learn how to adapt onboarding strategies for a global workforce.

In this session you will:

Develop skills for setting clear expectations in a virtual work landscape

Cultivate continuous engagement from offer to onboarding for a seamless transition

Empower managers to create positive experiences and support new hires

Tailor onboarding strategies to meet the demands of a diverse, global workforce

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