State of EX

State of Employee Experience Report

Original market research on the global impact of COVID-19 on employee experience.

We are undergoing unprecedented amounts of change and uncertainty for businesses, employees and managers.

As more and more organizations make the abrupt shift to remote work for the foreseeable future, we’re entering into a period that will be known as the world’s greatest work from home experiment.


With the combination of employees establishing new work routines while balancing family commitments and an uncertain future, and managers having to quickly adapt to new ways of working, alignment, feedback and communication need to be stronger than ever before.


But we can’t move forward successfully without understanding the way COVID-19 is impacting our workforce.

We surveyed 3,000 employees and managers across the world, all aged 18 years and above, to provide multi-generational and regional insights into the current workforce.

Key findings:

How often employees are connecting with their manager and whether they’re satisfied with the current level of communication

Whether managers really know how their staff are feeling or if they’re just assuming

The major emotional disconnect between directors and employees

How each generation are coping with the abrupt shift to remote work and their unique new challenges

The number one challenge organizations are facing and easy-to-implement solutions


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