Rethinking Connection for a Hybrid Work World

Rethinking Connection for a Hybrid Work World

It’s more important than ever to build the right kinds of connections within your organization, but you may be wondering, “how?” In this new report with RedThread Research, you can get actionable insights on how to intentionally build connections in the workplace.

Why Connection? Why Now?

After living through the “pandemic years,” something in the air has changed – especially at work. Employees are prioritizing well-being, flexibility, and alignment between their personal values and the values of the organization.

One topic that has HR and business leaders abuzz is connection in the workplace. But … what does that actually mean, especially when everyone has their own definition of what “connection” really is? How do you create better opportunities for connection when your employees are working in a hybrid setting, or remotely?

We hope this report will help you with just that. In partnership with RedThread Research, over 700 employees and leaders across North America and Europe were surveyed to better understand the business impact of increased connection at work, including improved employee engagement, organizational agility, and customer satisfaction.

Take a deep dive into this report to:

Understand why connection is good for employees and organizations alike

Learn the five biggest challenges to enabling connection today

Discover how physical proximity doesn’t equate to connection

Get a simple framework for understanding connection at work

Learn how to collect data on the business impact of increased connection at work


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