The Value of Human Connection in Learning and Development

The Value of Human Connection in Organizational Development

Drive a culture of team-based learning by connecting your learners with peers, mentors, and buddies.

What if you could tap into all the knowledge that already exists in your business, motivate people to learn, and lighten your managers’ workloads at the same time? By connection employees with peers, buddies, mentors, and coaches across your organization, you can spark the kind of team-based learning that will help to propel learners toward success. Workplace coaching and friendships are a powerful way to create information exchanges and instrumental supports that create a culture of connected learning and innovation.

This executive brief is designed for learning and development professionals to learn:

What social and team-based learning is and how they are driving the future of L&D

Five tangible ways human connections create better learning journeys

How Enboarder’s science-based platform drives better learning engagement and absorption


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