What Defines a Meaningful Moment of Connection at Work

What Defines a Meaningful Moment of Connection at Work

This report will guide you through research-backed tips and strategies to help you cultivate satisfaction, connections, growth, and positive experiences within your workforce.

Learn how to tap into the moments that are essential to building belonging and trust.

When employees experience meaningful moments, connections form, creating a mini-culture that flows into and impacts the larger workplace community. But how and where do these connections occur? And what’s the business value of focusing on relationships?


Enboarder partnered with RecruitingDaily to survey more than 700 employees globally to find answers to these questions and give employers a roadmap to more meaningful moments of connection.


What did we learn? Close to 40% of employees don’t feel seen and valued as a significant contributor to their organization. Another 20% don’t trust their co-workers. But it’s not all bleak. Based on our research, we offer 10 tips for stitching those meaningful moments of connection back together and building a thriving culture.

In this e-book, you will learn:

The current state of meaning, trust, and connection at work

Tips for managers to better support their people

How to go beyond the work to foster well-being, shared meaning, and authenticity


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