People Strategies for Building and Merging Company Cultures

How HR can lead the charge when aligning and merging company culture.

About this Webinar

Whether mergers and acquisitions are involved, budget has increased, or strategic business direction has shifted, organizations can experience rapid growth and change for a multitude of reasons — and at any time. To effectively navigate these changes and ensure a smooth transition, HR leaders must stay ready to face complex issues related to talent retention, cultural differences, and communication.


Join us April 27th for an in-depth conversation between Enboarder’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea Dumont, and Mitratech’s Chief People Officer, Rene Barreda, and Sr. Manager of Talent Management, George Boone, for a closer look at HR people strategies for building and merging cultures. Drawing from the speakers’ personal experience navigating numerous acquisitions throughout their careers, we’ll be diving deep into what it takes to optimize your retention, integration, and communication strategies.

In this video, you’ll learn:

Best practices for merging workplace cultures – both domestically and globally.

Strategies for setting manager up with guidelines for success.

How to best align your employees and create a cohesive culture and experience throughout your organization.

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