The Ogilvy Onboarding Process

How TalentSmith and Enboarder Scored by Digitizing Their Onboarding and Putting the Human Connection first

Learn how Ogilvy digitized their onboarding journey and elevated their employee experience

Leading an HR department? Ask yourself these two questions:


1️⃣How connected do my employees feel to their peers and teams?
2️⃣Do they feel seen, heard, and supported throughout onboarding?


Pause and think about these questions from your employees’ perspectives.


Onboarding isn't about your company, it's about your people. The HR industry has had it all wrong. For years we’ve tried to drive up engagement, productivity, and loyalty with processes. We approached onboarding as an algorithm that could be solved with the perfect process.


A new way of thinking about onboarding is putting people before the process. It focuses on human-centric ways to move the needle. And it works.

TalentSmith helped Ogilvy identify the gaps in their old onboarding program where it fell short and helped them deploy Enboarder’s onboarding solution using the Four Cs, which put the employee experience and human connections first.


The result? “An L&D and HR team that looks like rock stars.” Increased retention, high scores on the onboarding program, happier employees AND managers, and way fewer headaches for HR.


Join Marissa Wild from Ogilvy South Africa and Verna Agenbag from TalentSmith as they tell the story of Ogilvy taking their onboarding from a disjointed, process-centric, overall bad experience to one that puts the employee first, provides a great experience for managers and employees, and builds stronger human connections across the company.

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