From Moments to Momentum: Making Connection a Priority in the Workplace

Learn how to tackle the challenge of belonging and creating a positive employee experience, with panelists revealing insights and strategies for making belonging and connection a top priority in the workplace.

About this Webinar

Tackling the challenge of belonging and creating a positive employee experience for all is fundamental to the successes of any company. Join along as our panel of experts reveal how making belonging and connection their top priority has helped their success.


Not sure how important belonging & well-being are to the success of your people and your organization? According to Deloitte’s “2020 Global Human Capital Trends” survey as one of the most important human capital issues. How important? Well, 79% of companies said that fostering a sense of belonging in the workforce was a priority, and 93% agreed that a sense of belonging drives organizational performance. Companies are looking to build it, enable it, and nurture it.


However, while companies are making it a priority to bring belonging and connection into focus, most are struggling with HOW to actually achieve success. One way to start is to focus on the moments that matter most in your employees lifes and their careers.

What You'll Learn

The benefits of belonging for both your employees and the company.

How making your employees feel seen and heard can improve performance, perception, and retention.

Ideas on programs that create belonging for all types of different personalities and engagement levels will have the biggest impact.

Key actions you as an HR leader and practitioner can take to help move the needle on better human connections.

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