From Checklist to Experience

Planning Onboarding Journeys that Engage

Join us as we walk through step by step how Medibank planned and workshopped their new employee onboarding experience.


The journey towards engagement starts with a single step

When the team at Medibank looked to transform its onboarding program, they embarked on a journey. The end goal: a world-class onboarding experience that would help new hires connect with their team and the wider organization, while building engagement and preparing them for their new role.

Find out how Sarah Redmond, Learning Consultant at Medibank worked with her team to plan and workshop the transformation, what they found along the way, and tips you can use to introduce the "wow" factor to your own onboarding programs.

Key Takeaways

  • Why engagement during the onboarding stage is critical
  • How to start the transformation, from the planning stage
  • Who should be involved with onboarding transformation efforts Workshopping engagement onboarding
    - Mapping the current onboarding journey and experience to identify gaps and create a wishlist
    - Tasks that need to be accomplished during pre-boarding, day one, post day one and beyond - - Essential things and compliance requirements that should not be overlooked
  • Using "just-in-time" actions to add impact and value to the onboarding journey
  • Measuring engagement along the onboarding journey

Transform and Revitalise Your Onboarding