The Value of Human Connection in Organizational Development

The Value of Human Connection in Organizational Development

Ease the pain of growth, mergers & acquisitions, and organizational change by elevating your most strategic outreach.

Human relationships are our most powerful way to share and socialize ideas and to mobilize the instrumental, information, and emotional support that moves our goals forward. By building a culture of connection and support, organizational development (OD) teams can help companies build more organizational resilience – itching the fear and stress associated with change. A resilient culture smooths mergers and acquisitions, mitigates organizational trauma, helps support change initiatives, and better aligns employees with short- and long-term business goals and strategies.

This executive brief is designed for OD professionals to learn:

The science behind why change is easier when people are connected

Six tangible ways human connections drive successful OD initiatives

How Enboarder can help you ease transitions and facilitate collaboration through strategic nudges, prompts, and reminders


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