Build Personalised Onboarding Experiences That WOW!

A visual automation software that helps you connect, engage and wow new hires

Build personalised onboarding experiences that WOW

A visual automation software that helps you connect, engage and wow new hires

Design your perfect new hire experience


As simple as drawing on a whiteboard. A canvas purpose-built to help you automate tasks and create remarkable experiences for your new hires

• A simple drag and drop interface

• Make every journey personal

• Start with a best practice template

Automatically trigger new hire journeys

Automatically segment new hires based on activity and demographics to send highly personalized messages

Add new hires as soon as they sign their contract

• Automatically trigger journeys by integrating with your ATS system

• Segment your new hires into relevant journeys by role type, geography and more

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Virtually coach and empower your managers

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Interactive Journeys with a personal mobile dashboard

• Guide your managers every step of the way 

• Automatically deliver timely nudges

• Let your managers and new hires choose the communication platform they like best

Wow your new hires throughout their onboarding

Build experiences that make your new hires excited, educated and engaged

• Connect new hires with their team and your brand through beautiful content and personalised communications

• Make them feel special and welcome through interactive communications, team intro videos, virtual tours and much more

• Seize the chance to take care of paperwork and compliance during preboarding, so day one can be all about people

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"The most innovative and engaging onboarding platform that exists!"

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Own the journey


Analyze your new hire experience, set goals for your managers to achieve and track their progress over time

• Easily see manager and new hire engagement level throughout the journey

• Action incomplete or overdue items on the fly

• Gather feedback and identify areas for improvement

Integrate with the tools you use everyday

From e-signing and HR software to communication platforms and task creation, Enboarder integrates with products that you and your people use

Drive Engagement with Enboarder Now!