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Enboarder makes it fun and simple to create onboarding experiences. Craft, test, launch and track results through your user-friendly admin interface.

Craft beautiful communications using a simple timeline with a drag-and-drop editor. No need for IT or creative departments.


Deliver consistent and personalised experiences for your employees, dependent on occupation, locations or anything else that comes to mind.


Start onboarding workflows, send reminders and escalate tasks when necessary; Enboarder can take care of it for you!

Test the look of your onboarding experience on any device when needed.
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" A lot of onboarding tools are about process, policies and risk mitigation. Enboarder is the only tool that I have found that is absolutely about engagement and connecting with your employees before they start in the business. ”

Alana - Head of Talent - ooh! Media

" I get a chance to look at a lot of different types of HR technology. Enboarder is one of the most innovative cool things I have seen in recent memory. ”

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