We found the Missing Piece to your HRIS Stack: Human Connection

Supercharge your HRIS with human connection and watch engagement, retention, and productivity soar!

Unlock the full potential of your HRIS with Enboarder.

Market Leaders Trust Enboarder

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“We use Workday for a variety of tasks but to set up and manage onboarding through this platform would have been too difficult and cumbersome.”

L&D Manager

“We selected Enboarder because it was clear they shared our vision and we wanted a true partner, not just a platform solution.”

L&D Manager

“Using the Enboarder’s Workday integration we can automatically sync recent information on new hires, managers etc. for a more seamless process with minimal involvement required from our support team.”

L&D Manager

The Value of Human Connection in HRIS & HRMS

Learn how Human Connections Positively Impact:

  • Collaboration tools
  • People analytics
  • Governance
  • Tech stack


Why did I receive a tumbling block game in the mail?

Why the game, you ask? It’s our playful way to illustrate the ‘missing piece’ in many HRIS systems: real, genuine human connection! Just like in the game, every piece, or in this case, every employee, plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability and harmony of the whole structure.

Why do I need Enboarder in addition to my existing HRIS?

Traditional HRIS systems were built to manage your data and compliance at scale – not drive connections. That’s where Enboarder shines! We serve as “the experience layer on top” of your existing tech stack, bringing a human-centric approach to your people programs.

With Enboarder, it’s not about adding more to the mix; it’s about refining, enhancing, and supercharging the technology you already have. We have a proven track record of increasing critical business metrics like engagement, retention and productivity – all by increasing user engagement with your existing applications through the power of human connection.

Why should we care about human connection?

Connection isn’t just one of our basic human needs; it’s a powerhouse driving stellar business outcomes. Connected organizations see a 56% surge in performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and employees in these organizations are 94% more productive. And engagement? It’s six times higher!

Case Studies

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How Sandvik Built an Innovative Employee Experience for Remote and On-Site Staff.

How Lonza achieved a 99% Engagement Rate on their Onboarding Programs.


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