Why your employees are ghosting

you (it’s your onboarding)

The art of ghostbusting, with TomTom 

Discover how TomTom tackled the ghosting issue – by transforming themselves into an employer people really want to work for.

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The journey towards engagement starts with a single step

We know the term “ghosting” in the dating world, but there’s also a growing and concerning trend of ghosting in the workplace. Employees don’t show up for scheduled interviews, don’t arrive for their first day of work and even quit without giving any notice.

Can we blame it on millennials and Gen Zs? The war for talent? Low unemployment rates? It could be a combination of all these factors, but the truth is that employees don’t ghost companies they really want to work for. And just like dating, first impressions matter.

In this webinar, TomTom will share how they created a pre-board and onboarding experience in just 8 weeks, that delights over 1000 new hires across 43 offices per year.

Key Takeaways

  • How to build a strong emotional connection with new hires before day 1
  • How to utilise existing materials
  • How to drive global consistency whilst considering local nuances
  • How to structure a strategic onboarding program that engages new employees and their manager
  • How to tailor the pre-boarding and onboarding process for each individual
  • How to use technology to build a consistent onboarding experience across teams, offices and regions

Transform Your Onboarding into a Ghost-Busting Journey