The ROI of Human Connection

The ROI of Human Connection

Make the business case for human connection today.

Connection drives performance, retention, and perception about your brand.

Employee connectedness has real, tangible, and far-reaching impacts. But up until now, these effects have been notoriously difficult to quantify.


This e-book is your introduction to the business impact of programs and initiatives that effectively foster human connection. For example, our research found 94% of employees agree they’re more productive when they feel connected to their colleagues. Connection also protects your organization from unwanted turnover, a challenge we all need to address in the midst of a talent shortage.


Get the stats and the facts to prove the return on investing in your people.

In this e-book, you will learn:

How connection drives engagement and performance

The true cost of involuntary turnover (and how connection can help mitigate it)

Why human connection is essential for a healthy employer brand


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