How to Build Engagement and Drive Action in Your HR Programs

How to Build Engagement and Drive Action in Your HR Programs

Learn how to use the four components of the Enboarder Engagement Model

The Enboarder Engagement Model: A New Way Forward

You put the time and resources into building an amazing employee experience. Whether it’s onboarding, learning and development, performance management, or change management, how do you encourage employees to take action in these programs?


Use the Enboarder Engagement Model to take a human-centered approach to drive engagement and action … but with a twist. You’re not looking for action just for action’s sake. You want to fully engage people using psychology and the science of motivation and human connection.


The science shows that meaningful action only happens when you have four specific components in play at the same time. In this e-book, we’ll walk you through the details.

In this e-book, you will learn:

How to apply basic marketing principles like personalization and “what’s in it for me” to drive engagement

Ways to use nudges that are timely, relevant, and broken into digestible steps

Why connection is the piece that brings the model together and ideas for building connection in your programs


Build Better Human Connections with Enboarder