Bridging the Generational Gaps

The Definitive Guide to Human Connection in an Age-Diverse Workplace

Harness the strengths of different generations and navigate business challenges with greater agility

In an age-diverse work environment, the significance of human connections goes beyond just feel-good factors. It’s an essential ingredient for innovation, growth, resilience, and overall success. But a multi-generational workforce does not come without its challenges.


In this e-book, we’ll walk you through a high-level overview of the five generations in the workplace today – communication styles, motivators, working styles and more. You’ll also learn about life-stage cohorts and their unique needs. Finally, learn four distinct ways you can use technology to foster more human connection across your organization.

In this e-book, you will learn:

How communication preferences and engagement varies by generation

A new perspective on employee motivation, based on life-stage cohorts

Benefits and challenges of connecting across generations – and four ways tech can help


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