Follow These 5 Steps to Ace Your Graduate Program Onboarding

Follow These 5 Steps to Ace Your Graduate Program Onboarding

How to boost engagement and retention for your Gen Z new hires

Last year 12% of new grads reneged on their offers, a trend you should expect to continue.

Competition for new grads is fierce, and just because your new grad signed on the dotted line doesn’t mean your work is over. Creating an amazing onboarding experience for new grads helps prevent disengagement, reneges, and no shows, and sets your new hires up for success.


This e-book is your roadmap to make sure every new grad joining your team feels welcomed, integral, and connected to the organization even before day one. We’ll give you tips for how to wow them during pre-boarding, foster friendship and community, and set up an effective buddy program.

In this e-book, you will learn:

How to build affinity and connection with your Gen Z hires

The components of a standout first day they can’t help but tell their friends about

Ways to build momentum beyond the first day through continuous conversations, mentor programs, and social events


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