3 Kinds of Connection That Cultivate Belonging

3 Kinds of Connection That Cultivate Belonging

A science-based guide to build connections that drive employee engagement and retention

In the age of loneliness and disengagement, connection matters

Many of the most pressing people challenges organizations face today — disengagement, burnout, misalignment, and more — are actually symptoms of a much deeper problem: longer-term lack of connection and belonging.


But what steps can you take to help employees forge the connections they crave? This e-book is your science-based guide to the three essential connections needed for belonging, including connections among humans, connections to the organization, and connection to information.


We’ll also walk you through the advice analysts and social scientists offer to build connection, from leveraging the tech you already have to providing peer-based learning.

In this e-book, you will learn:

The risks of weak relationships and connections at work

How interpersonal attachment and friendship networks drive engagement and commitment

Ways to facilitate communication and give employees more control over their own journeys


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