How to Design Meaningful Moments at Work

Let’s talk about “Meaningful Moments”

About this Webinar

There’s no denying that connection is a fundamental human need – one that doesn’t just go away when we’re working. And while distributed work provides benefits when it comes to well-being and flexibility, it can leave many of your employees feeling isolated and out of the loop. When you lack those meaningful moments of connection, productivity and engagement suffer.


The good news is there are simple, budget-friendly steps HR and business leaders can take to combat the belonging crisis.


Join Andrea Dumont, CMO at Enboarder, William Tincup, president at, for an insightful discussion about the role workplace relationships play in creating meaningful moments across the entire employee journey.

In this session, you’ll learn:

New research on the state of connection, trust, and belonging at work

The risk of letting critical employee connections dissipate

Nine tips for creating meaningful moments no matter where employees sit

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