Why Workday + Enboarder = a Match Made in Heaven for TomTom’s Global Onboarding

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TomTom are global leaders in location technology, driven by the idea of creating a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world.

Combining data, machine learning and computer vision techniques, TomTom are changing the way people get around. Their relentless innovation has seen the team grow to over 4,500 employees in offices across 30 countries.


The Problem

New hires at TomTom's headquarters were having a very different experience to staff in other locations worldwide.

"We wanted all new hires to feel they were getting the same experience, the same information. We needed to ensure there was no information being left out for anyone."

As the company already used Workday, the HR team wanted a solution that integrated with the HRIS system that would give them greater scope and customization for onboarding.

"We wanted to be able to customize the onboarding experience for new joiners globally and include relevant and interesting content."



The Solution

TomTom held a Request for Proposal. Their goal: a solution that could integrate with Workday, while offering a consistent, scalable and engagement-rich onboarding experience.

"We selected Enboarder because it was clear they shared our vision for onboarding and we wanted a true partner, not just a platform solution."

Working closely with Enboarder, the organization created a global onboarding journey that ensured all new hires were receiving the same information.

Best of all, they built an onboarding journey that was fun and engaging, enabling them to leverage and maintain new hire excitement from signing through to Day 1 and beyond.

"We have a lot of people who have long notice periods, so we can set our timeline to 120 days prior to their start date."

Using these long notice periods to their advantage, TomTom engages new hires with bespoke content that sparks excitement and pre-boards them before Day 1.

Taking their onboarding content to the next level has given TomTom an edge over their competitors in the war for talent. The organization hired an external videographer to produce incredible videos that wow their new hires including:

  • Welcome video from all four founders
  • Two-minute video about life at TomTom
  • Location-specific videos so they can check out their office before they arrive



"We made the decision to do a Request for Proposal (RFP) for onboarding because we wanted to be able to customize the onboarding experience for new joiners globally and include relevant and interesting content."


The Results

90-day retention has improved and TomTom's HR team are able to deliver consistent onboarding experiences to all new hires, regardless of location.



90-day retention rates
have improved



1,000+ new hires

"By using Enboarder we have a consistent global onboarding journey, we're able to reach everybody no matter where they are."

Enboarder has helped TomTom to compete in the war for talent – keeping their new hires engaged and excited before their first day by delivering the right content, at the right time, in the right way.

The organization has now provided a consistent (and exciting!) onboarding experience for over 1,000 new hires across the globe...and their new employees love it!

"I've had new hires say they've never had an onboarding like this before!"

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