How TomTom doubled their manager engagement with Enboarder

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TomTom is a Dutch mapmaker, providing geolocation technologies for drivers, carmakers, enterprises, and developers around the world.


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⚙️ Challenge

How do you hang onto your early leavers?

TomTom wanted to actively engage with their new hires by creating a global, consistent experience for all their locations worldwide.

💬 "We had a problem with 'no shows' and we wanted to reduce our early-leaver departures," noted Kelly Nightingale, L&D Project Coordinator.

Not only that, but TomTom also wanted the experience to be personalized, customized, and make their new hires feel welcome before they even stepped through the door on day one.

But, while their onboarding challenges presented the most immediate and obvious effects, TomTom knew this was a great opportunity to redesign all of their people programs in a way that would drive engagement across the board and make their entire operation more successful and efficient.

For example, the team knew that managers had the single largest impact on TomTom’er engagement, so challenges with low manager engagement needed to be addressed immediately to prevent more serious business consequences.

💡 The Insight

The TomTom team quickly went to work, implementing Enboarder’s onboarding solution to help tune their onboarding flow and make it more consistent, but they quickly saw the additional value that Enboarder’s solution could bring to the rest of their people programs.

So they started implementing the 4 pillars of the Enboarder Model across the rest of their programs, from return-to-office and manager promotions to internal moves and offboarding.

Here’s what it looked like:


⚡Get them engaged
TomTom wanted all their employees to be fully engaged with any HR content they were receiving, so they A/B tested a variety of content types and materials, from videos to presentations. Afterward, to verify that their content was hitting the mark, they followed up with regular employee surveys and verified their findings with Enboarder’s heatmap data.



⚡Make it easy
To help encourage participation in their people programs, TomTom took a second look at the tasks they were requesting from their employees to ensure they were reasonably easy to complete.

By making sure their tasks were manageable—especially considering their employees’ busy schedules—TomTom created a system where their people were able to respond quickly and efficiently without causing an unnecessary disruption to their workflow.



⚡A friendly nudge
In addition to making their individual tasks easy to complete, TomTom put a concerted effort into not sending too much at once. By sending “bite-sized” requests, TomTom ensured that their information and requests would stick with, and not overwhelm their people.



⚡Let's connect!
TomTom’s Learning and Development team knew that TomTom’ers feel more motivated to work—and find it easier to do their best work—when they feel connected to their team, so they started taking big steps to make sure their employees felt connected to their teams and their company mission from the outset.

They quickly set up a new buddy system and other fun programs like New Hire Bingo and Slack groups to help employees engage in unique ways with other TomTom'ers around the globe.


…and the results were nothing short of incredible.

👑 The Results

The human connection wins again!

The TomTom Learning and Development team leader noted that by making their HR initiatives more human-centric and adapting them to the pillars of the Enboarder Model, “We were able to make sure that we made content that was worth watching and worth reading,” Kelly mentioned.

💬 “Now we know what our new hires like and what our managers like to receive, and we’re able to reach out in a timely fashion if we’re seeing a lack of engagement.”

With these changes in place, TomTom was not only able to reduce their no-shows and early leavers—they also doubled their manager engagement in their people programs!

TomTom’s onboarding program was so successful that the company has adopted it globally, and they’re currently in the process of rolling Enboarder out to all of their other locations for their other HR programs as well!

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