Three Ways We’re Maintaining Human Connection While Working Remotely

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We believe, fundamentally as a business if you look after your people, the rest will look after itself. It was the foundation our CEO, Brent Pearson, has built Enboarder on. 

With that principle in mind, Enboarder’s leadership team decided the most effective way of keeping our people safe was to close our offices and have everyone work remotely from home.

An entire workforce operating remotely presents unique challenges. How do we maintain the human connections we’ve built up in person? How do we ensure social interaction, if we can’t physically be with each other? And how do we hold on to our sense of community while we’re apart?

We may only be on Day 1 of our remote working journey, but we’ve already discovered three ways to keep us all connected.


Cat, our Account Executive working from home with Fischer

1. Showing off our work from home set ups

Who doesn’t love a sticky beak? At work we’re used to seeing everyone’s workstations and their individual decorations.

We tried to bridge the gap and establish a little more familiarity by sharing our working from home set ups with each other.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 5.05.45 pm

Our sales team having an end of day catch up

2. A sports wear dress theme for all internal calls

Let’s be honest, it can be really hard to get out of your PJs when you’re settling in for a long hard day…at home.

We decided to set a theme for the day, with the Enboarder sales team donning their best and brightest sportswear for internal zoom meetings.


Our Senior Customer Success Manager Georgie’s 3pm munchie stash

3. Sharing our 3pm munchies

Well, we are Enboarder after all! We’re all about 3pm munchies, so when 3pm rolled around we were naturally curious to find out what everyone was snacking on at home.

If your team is working remotely, we hope you can implement some of our ideas or take some inspiration from them to maintain your connections with each other. And in the very least, we hope this post brought a smile to your face!

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