4 Companies Nailing the Shift to Remote Work. Here’s How They Did It.

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When COVID hit, we wanted to lend a helping hand to help our customers to help maintain connectivity and engagement when employees and managers needed it most.

Head of Customer Success, Tegan Oakley and her team have been working closely with our customers over the past three months, developing over 100 new experiences.

She’s giving us an insider sneak peek into some of the ways our customers have adapted to remote work.


The Big Shift in the Workplace

Hi guys, Tegan here!

COVID-19 turned the way we work (and where we work!) upside down.

We’ve been working from home since March and I’ve loved the deeper connections this new way of working has allowed me to form with my customers.

I’ve (virtually) welcomed everyone into my home and enjoyed the (numerous) comments of my ever-changing doona cover, talking about DIY coffee making, and sharing exercise advice.

In return, my customers have let me see into their homes and meet their families. It’s been a welcome contrast during this challenging time.

It’s been an adjustment for everyone and at Enboarder we wanted to make sure we were helping our customers adapt.

From remote onboarding to reboarding, many of us were facing challenges we’d never encountered before – and we needed solutions, fast!

To take the guesswork out of an unfamiliar situation, we quickly developed a number of new use case templates for our customers to use including;

  • Remote Onboarding
  • Remote Engagement
  • Remote Leadership
  • Reboarding 

It’s been wonderful seeing the ways our customers have leveraged our platform to make the best out of this unprecedented situation. And with their permission, I’m going to share with you some of the ways they’ve done it…

Remote Onboarding

We’ve always had customers using Enboarder for remote onboarding, but since COVID-19 remote onboarding has never been more important. Many customers suddenly found themselves in situations where they needed to onboard new staff…but the entire office was working from home!

Creating connection is an integral part of successful onboarding, and this is amplified for remote workers. We’ve seen customers leverage Enboarder to ensure those crucial connections are still being sparked, from afar. And designed our track to provide guidance on how to create a “wow” first day virtual experience.

We’ve seen teams use our video recording module to share personal welcome videos with new hires, and maintain that all-important team atmosphere by assigning more than one buddy.

AboitizPower Coal BU

“So much of business these days is connected to technology and at this point you would have to adjust drastically if you don’t have it. It’s like living today without a smartphone or a computer. Thus our timing is just right for us to move to a system like Enboarder given that we are aiming for Talent Experience as one of our key drivers in HR. It has helped us a lot in streamlining our onboarding process despite the pandemic that is happening across the globe. This system made us resilient from change and was able to bridge the gap between our employees who are working remotely and new hires that are still coming in! It’s an awesome system. Thanks Enboarder!” – Terrence Idago, HR Manager – Talent Attraction – AboitizPower Coal BU

Remote Engagement

Most companies have had a renewed focus on remote engagement – and that includes us!

An Enboarder Example

At Enboarder our People & Culture team have created a remote engagement track that has kept us informed of business updates, people news and fun things to focus on.

We’re all about humans at Enboarder, and a personal favourite of mine was when we used the remote engagement track to recognise the Enboarder parents who were juggling home lives with working lives. We celebrated them by including adorable video interviews with their kids who revealed what they’ve loved most about having their parents home.

Tabcorp & Wyndham Vacation Clubs

Our customers Tabcorp & Wyndham Vacation Clubs were amongst the earliest adopters to launch remote engagement tracks with their employees. While many organizations have had their hiring plans impacted, it’s been great to see so many utilize Enboarder in a new way to support their workforce and maximise engagement.

“During these unprecedented times Enboarder has again exceeded our expectations by offering support and the ability to use the platform to support the communications, resources and information being provided to our work from home staff members through the use of their Remote Work workflow.” – Natalie Gadischkie, Talent Acquisition Manager, Wyndham Vacation Clubs Asia Pacific


Remote Leadership

As a leader myself, the first week of working remotely radically shifted the way I led and worked with my team. More frequent catch ups, daily huddles and transparent communication meant that we could keep the lines of communication open and everyone felt supported. Like many others, leading at distance was a new skill I had to learn – and fast!

We knew we weren’t the only ones facing this steep learning curve and our Remote Leadership track was inspired by the fact so many of our customers were facing a similar challenge.

As the role of managers has drastically changed during COVID-19, our track focuses on guiding managers through the adjustment to a new normal and helps develop their remote leadership skills.


“As we quickly moved many of our 5,000 team members to remote working, Enboarder provided swift support. They gave us new ideas to ensure that our team members remained engaged whilst working remotely and with remote onboarding. In addition they gifted us ‘all employee’ workflows during this pandemic. We have used these extensively to guide our leaders and stay connected with those team members who have been temporarily stood down – to ensure they all remain connected with, and feel supported by, Tabcorp.” – Jenny Mowatt, GM Capability, Tabcorp.


Change is on the horizon and as countries start to flatten the curve, we’ve all started preparing for a return to office working.

While some employees are eager to return to the office, it’s important to recognise that life won’t snap back to business as usual, we’ll all be entering a new normal.

And at Enboarder we realized early on the transition back to work was an enormous opportunity to move into a better normal.

Reboarding was born to help customers guide their people through this upcoming monumental transition, providing updates on how to prepare, stay engaged and stay safe.

Deloitte & Ogilivy

Deloitte and Ogilvy are amongst a number of customers who are currently piloting the return to work experience stream, enabling their businesses to capture data on how their people feel every step of the way and keeping them up to date with the latest information.

Watch Mark Castro from Ogilvy discuss their return to work plans.

As I reflect on the past few months, it’s incredible to see so many customers continuing to put experience first. A shout to the wonderful Customer Success team at Enboarder for making this come to life with our customers.

If you’re yet to take advantage of any of these new tracks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager, we’d love to help you!

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