Enboarder Launches SAP SuccessFactors Integration

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We’ve integrated with the tools you use everyday, so you can keep doing what you do – just better!

Combine the best of both worlds

Where would we be without our trusty HRIS? We know you’ve relied on them for years to fine-tune your business processes, data, administration and record keeping.

But employee expectations have changed, they want amazing experiences. And when you’re trying to create wow moments, jumping in and out of two separate software systems isn’t ideal.

We’re here to say “no more!”

By integrating with SAP SuccessFactors, our customers get the best of both worlds. You can continue to manage BAU tasks through your current SAP SuccessFactors system, while leveraging Enboarder to create incredible, experience-driven onboarding journeys for your new hires.

How will it benefit you?

#1 No more double handling! 

Our integration creates a dynamic and seamless way to use SAP Successfactors and Enboarder.

Our SAP SuccessFactors integration will effortlessly launch new hires into their onboarding journeys by automatically triggering workflows.

#2 More time to focus on experience!

Say goodbye to old, clunky manual onboarding. Our integration saves you time, freeing you up to focus on shaping WOW experiences for your new hires.

👋Hey, I already use Enboarder and SAP SuccessFactors! Integrate me!

Let’s do it! Find out how you can set up the integration HERE >>

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